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        • LED Chips

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        • LED Modules

        • Foshan NationStar Semiconductor Technology Co.,Ltd, a subsidiary of NationStar, with a registered capital of RMB 600 million, is specialized in fabricating GaN LED chips for lighting, display and backlight. The plan is to invest RMB 2.5 billion, 50 MOCVD production lines & equipments. At present, good calibre technical and management team has been on board, and a full product line of GaN LED chips has been in mass production. Part of the products is supplied to NationStar LED packaging division, and the rest is sold to other customers countrywide.

        • RGB LED BUSINESS DIVISION is a very important entity among the supply chain of LED video display industry, supporting display manufacturers with competitive and easy-use SMD RGB LED packages. We focused on research, development, manufacturing and promotion various high quality SMD RGB LEDs. The Division structure includes Sales Department, Research & Development Department, Micro & Mini LED Research Center, Manufacturing Management Department, Quality Control Department, REESTAR LED Production Department, NPP LED Production Department, Outdoor LED Production Department, Indoor LED Production Department. RGB LED production lines are equipped with modern automatic production equipment, advanced quality inspection and reliability verification equipment. We started SMD RGB LED manufacturing since 2002, current monthly output and sales is over 6,000 million pieces. Our products were used in many important events, locations and landmark projects in China and overseas areas. We were ranked number one for sales and manufacturing of NPP LEDs since 2016. Till now we have achieved 63 patents, and these technical strength has been implemented to our excellent RGB LEDs. Driven by active and hard working team with innovative spirit, we keep our leadership and support our customers with win-win cooperation mode.

        • The White LED Packaging Division has advanced phosphor mixing and coating equipment, and leading technology on thermal dissipation LED packages such as flip-chip, chip-on-board and CSP, which ensure high lumen efficiency and good lumen maintainance. NationStar’s small and middle power white LEDs have been well adopted into a wide range of applications such as illuminaire, lighting fixtures and LCD TV backlight.

        • The CHIP LED Packaging Division has advanced LED packaging technology such as plastic package, high speed cutting dicing and so on, which ensures high lumen efficiency and good lumen maintainance. It main products includes 1005, 1608(0.3T-0.8T), 2012, 3215, infrared, photosensitive.

        • The LED Module Division specializes in developing and producing LED display modules, backlight, and light bars, with advanced high-speed SMT lines and automatic backlight-lense mounting line. Products are widely applied to various home electronics, such as air conditioners, LCD TV and billboards.

        R&D CENTER

        • R&D Team
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        • NationStar has about 700 engineers and technicians, including 15 PhD holders and 150 Master degree holders. Th…

        • In order to continuously improve the level of R & D level, the national star in the enterprise internal set up…

        • By Mar 2019,NationStar had applied for 577 patents,including 139 patents for inventions,43 overseas patents. T…


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